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Sabryn and Mason

This happens more often. My clients become more like my friends. I'm always surprised to see or here from clients how worried they are to have a photographer take their pictures they don't feel comfortable with. I've heard stories where the photographer would just stand there and tell the couple to just pose. 😶 Then their pictures turn out more awkward. For me it all about positioning the couple in a scene to tell their story. "A slight touch, brush of the hair, face a little this way and kiss slowly" I'm all about details and having fun.
I present to you today Sabryn and Mason. We started with their engagements with the spring trees. Scroll down you will find there Bridals where we did at the beautiful location of Wadley Farms The wedding day the couple were sealed for eternity and married in the Salt Lake Temple.  Their photos are more beautiful then what I can express in words. Photographing them was such a treat for me. The looks they gave each other we…

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